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The coast of the Basque Country is 210 km long and the longest part belongs to Biscay, with 144 km of coast. There are 28 controlled beaches in Biscay with services, plus some other natural beaches. Bilbao and Santurtzi are on the east side of the region, very near the border of Cantabria. This means that beaches in the province of Cantabria are also a very good option and nearer than the beaches on the east coast of Biscay, although some of these eastern beaches are worth a visit because of their natural beauty. The nearest beaches to Santurtzi are Las Arenas and Ereaga (walking distance or by bike). Playa de La Arena, the most westerly beach of Biscay, is also a 20-minute bus ride from Santurce, or 30 minutes from Bilbao by bus. Ereaga, Arrigunaga, Sopelana, Plentzia or Gorliz can all be reached by metro.

Nearest Beaches in Biscay


La Arena is a long beach only 10 Km from Santurtzi and 38 from Bilbao. A place to paddle, swim, surf, play volleyball and other games or just lie in the sun. It is a beautiful and very convenient beach, as it is very near Santurtzi.How to get there: By bus from Santurtzi (bus line A3321).


This long beach is also in Getxo. It is quite near, but there is no direct transport leading to this beach. There is a 15-minute walk from the metro station or a 30-minute walk from the Vizcaya Bridge. How to get there: from Bilbao, by metro to the Las Arenas metro Station. From Santurtzi: we recommend to walk from Santurtzi, cross the river trough the bridge and rent a bike or take teh tourist train to Ereaga beach


A town beach in Getxo, close to the Vizcaya Bridge. It is the nearest and easiest beach to get to, small but very convenient. How to get there: From Bilbao, by metro (Las Arenas station). From Santurtzi, the best way is to walk to the bridge and cross the bridge. The beach is about 5 minutes.

Nearest Beaches in Cantabria


Castro Urdiales is 22 km fom Santurtzi or 42 Km from Bilbao. It is a summer town with 2 long beaches, Ostende and Brazomar. Appart from the quality of the beaches, it is adviseable to spend the afternoon and the evening, and go for a walk or for dinner after the beach. How to get there: From Bilbao, there is a direct bus to Castro. The trip lasts about 30 minutes. From Santurtzi, you have to go by metro to Barakaldo and take a bus from Barakaldo to Castro. Even though Santurtzi is nearer than Bilbao, the trip is a longer, about 50 minutes, but it is worthwhile. The car is a very good option from Santurtzi, as the trip is about 20 minutes

Cantabria is the region bordering with Biscay on the east. Many people in Biscay choose the beaches in Cantabria, as they are very near and beautiful.

A charming little beach on a beautifull bay, with blue-green water. When the tide is high, the beach dissappears, but there is a green area to lie there. It is also very attractive for sufers. How to get there: by car, highway A-8 to Cantabria from Bilbao or Santurtzi.


Some examples of beaches in Cantabria are Noja,  Islares or the beaches in Castro Urdiales, which is also a very nice fishing town with bars, restaurants and shops.

Two long beaches with golden sand, surrounded by green mountains. Due to its length, they are also perfect for long walks by the seaside, even in winter. How to get there: by car, from Santurzi or from Bilbao.


Other Beaches in Biscay

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A very popular beach, accesible by metro but far enough from the urban area. It is a very popular beach for surfing. There are bars and restaurants with beautiful sights to the sea. How to get there: by metro, Larrabasterra station. From Bilbao about 30 minutes. From Santurtzi, about 45 minutes.

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Laga beach is part of the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve, and it is one of the most beautiful beaches of the area. It is a 574-meter long beach,with golden and fine sand. It is very popular for surfing, but sailing is also possible. There is a bar and a restaurant, but it is still quite quiet beach.

A little further than 1 km from Laga lies Laida beach, another astonishing beach of fine and golden sand. In the middle of the beach there is a sand dune, a perfect place to admire the views of the mouth of the river and the Izaro Irle. The beach is in front of the famous wave of Mundaka, which makes this beach one of the Sufers’ favourite.

How to arrive: the best way is to go by car, from Santurtzi or Bilbao. If you do not have a car but you have time enough, you can go to Gernika by train from Bilbao Atxuri and then take thte bus line A3526 Gernika-Ibarrangelu

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