Everyday sports and activities

Students who decide to study in EIDE have numerous options to practice sports daily at very affordable prices. Santurtzi,  Bilbao and the area of Greater Bilbao boast a wide range of outdoor and outdoor sport facilities to suit the needs of our students.  Sport is an important part of life in the Basque Country and although surfing, hiking and mountain are the main sports every town has a municipal sport center that provide every facility students can possibly imagine.

Everyday Sports in Santurtzi

Santurtzi sport center, located within 5 minutes walking distance from EIDE by the sea, has really good facilieties: Indoor and outdoor pools, outdoor heated swimming-pool, athletics track, tennis, padel and squash court, Spa, Pelota court and Gym.

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Students who want to study in our school for a long period of time, can do:

  • Annual Courses and Activities: September to June
  • Quaterlyl Courses and Activities: autum, winter or spring term.
  • 2-Week Summer Courses and activities: first or second fortnight in July.

Santurtzi Sport Center offers a broad program of activities such as:

  • Swimming lessons twice a week: 45 € (without subscription) and 29,50 € (subscribers)/per month.
  • Aquaerobic, designed swimming lessons: 45 € (without subscription) and 33,50 €  (subscribers)/per month.
  • Tai Chi, Pilates, Aikido, Body Complet, Yoga and Caribbean/Latin dances: 45 € (without subscription) and 33 € (subscribers)/per month.
  • Padel: 55,5o € (without subscription) y 41,50 € (subscribers)/per month.
  • Tennis: 55,50 € (without subscription) y 41,40 € (subscribers)/per month.
  • Skating: 45 € (without subscription) y 33 € (subscribers)/per month.

Santurtzi Sport Center has plenty more activities to offer: hidrobike,aqua-fitness, synchronized swimming, spinning, body pump, aerobic, body bar, step, sinergy, stretching, multigym.

Everyday Sports in Bilbao

There are numerous sport centers in Bilbao to satisfy the needs of even the most avid sports fan. La Alhondiga is one of the most outstanding one. It was an old wine warehouse which recently opened as a culture and leisure centre.

The new centre includes a swimming pool with a big terrace, library, cinemas, exhibition hall, retail, leisure space and an underground parking garage.

Aqua courses: Aqua Mix, Aquasalud, Aguabox, Aqua Fitness, Cardio-Flippers, Pool Bike, Aquagap, Aquaerobic, Aquasalud, Aquapilates, Aquarunning, Swimming.

  •     1 day a week:10, 70 €
  •     2 days a week: 21, 40 €
  •     3 days a week: 32,10 €

Terra Courses: Indoor Walking, Yoga, Stretching, Ciclo Indoor, Aerobics, Aero Step, GAP, New Style, Ballroom dancing for advanced, Stationary bike, Aero Step-up, Fitball, PEB, Glut, Abs & Legs, Caribbean dancing classes.

  •     1 day a week:10, 70 €
  •     2 days a week: 21, 40 €
  •     3 days a week: 32,10 €

Free access to the Gym: 32.10 E with no limit of attendance.

 Other sport centers in Santurtzi, Bilbao and the Greater Bilbao