Where is Bilbao

Learn Spanish Spain BilbaoBilbao is in the North of Spain, in the Basque Country. It is the capital of the province of Biscay and of the Greater Bilbao, the conurbation made by different municipalities around the estuary of the river of Bilbao.

The main airport in the Basque Country is the airport of Bilbao. It is also the best connected one in all the northern coast of Spain. The airport is very near the city. Transport from the airport to Bilbao is fast and cheap.

Distances from Bilbao to some interesting points:

  • Bilbao – Haro (La Rioja): 95,4 km
  • Bilbao – San Sebastián: 99,4 km
  • Bilbao – Vitoria: 65,2 km
  • Bilbao – Santander: 101 km
  • Bilbao – Pamplona: 156 km
  • Bilbao – Madrid: 396 km
  • Bilbao – Barcelona: 610 km