Moving Around

Most places in Bilbao are within a maximum of 20 minutes walking distance. In Santurtzi, everything is in walking distance and even places such as the famous Transporter Bridge in Portugalete or the nearest Beach in Las Arenas, are at a 20-minutes and 30-minutes walk from Santurtzi respectively.

In addition, both Bilbao and Greater Bilbao are very well connected by train, metro or Bus.

The website advises about the best way to get anywhere by public transport.

Metro connects Bilbao with both sides of the river Nervion. It is the most frequent option and all stations are very well located. The metro station in Santurtzi is only 3 minutes from EIDE.

Map and Distances


  • Bilbao Casco Viejo (Old Town)-Bilbao San Mamés (Bus Station): 5 minutes
  • Bilbao San Mamés (Train Station) – Santurtzi: 22 minutes
  • Bilbao San Mamés (Train Station) – Larrabasterra (Sopelana Beach): 29 minutes
  • Santurtzi – Larrabasterra (Sopelana Beach): 44 minutes


  • List Item Text Single tickets: 1 zone: €1,45 – 2 zones:€1,60 – 3 zones: €1,70
  • Day tickets: €4,60
  • Creditrans: 1 zone: €0,78 – 2 zones:€0,94 – 3 zones: €1,05. This is a card that can be recharged. The cost is €3
  • Other Options: monthly ticket, youth ticket, 50 trips-per-month tickets. This options are good for students staying long periods and making a minimum of 2 trips per day

Train (Renfe Cercanías) connects towns on the left side of the river Nervion with Bilbao San Mamés (Bus Station), Abando (Train Station) and other areas that do not have metro stations. It is less frequent that the metro, but a very good option to travel from Santurtzi to Bilbao, as the trip is quite pleasant and it is very fast.

Map and Distances

Mapa Cercanía Renfe Bilbao

  • Bilbao  San Mamés (Bus Station) – Santurtzi: 16 minutes
  • Bilbao Abando (Train Station) – Santurtzi: 22 minutes


  • Single ticket: 1,81 €
  • Creditrans: 1,41 €
  • Other options: mothly tickets

Buses connect Greater Bilbao with beaches and other towns of Biscay. Journey time to some beaches or towns:

  • Santurtzi – La Arena Beach: 19 minutes
  • Santurtzi – Balmaseda (medieval town): 50 min
  • Bilbao – Gernika-Lumo: 43 min
  • Bilbao-Laga and Laida Beaches: 1 hour

Tram drives from Bilbao Old Town Autonomía, connecting all the places that are not connected by train or metro.