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Intensive Spanish Course for Complete Beginners

The next beginners Intensive Spanish Course will begin on September 2nd. It is a great oportunity for students with no spanish language, who want to obtain a good Spanish level both for entering a Spanish University of for doing the Higher Studies in Hospitality Management at EIDE. Depending on the nr of weeks they register for, students who attend this course would achive the following Spanish level as a general rule:

Level Nr hours Nr. Weeks Aproximate Dates
A1 60 hours 4 weeks September
A2 90 hours 6 weeks October to November
B1 210 hours (150 hours course + 60 hours DELE Preparation) 14 weeks December – March/April
B2 180 hours (120 hours course + 60 hours DELE Preparation) 12 weeks March/April – July
The duration of each level is approximate. It also depends on the student’s abilities. After B1 or B2 level, students would be ready for taking a DELE examination.

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