Higher Studies in Hospitality Management

This course is aimed at those students who want to become professionals in the hospitality and travel industry; students with a communicative profile, who are fond of working with people, travelling and learning new cultures.

Students doing this course obtain an Official Diploma, held by the Basque Department of Education and validated by the Spanish Ministry of Education. It is also a very good option for students who want to study in a Spanish University: students finishing this course have direct access to Spanish University without having to take the official entrance exam (prueba de acceso).

This course is held in Spanish. Students need a B2 Spanish level. Those students with lower thant B2 or no Spanish level can do a previous Spanish Course at EIDE. Students with no Spanish level should do a previous 40-week Spanish course.

Types of Organizations:

  • Hotels
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Events Management
  • Conventions and Congresses
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Leisure and Entertainment


Reception Department, Booking Department, Quality Management,Department, Lodging management Area, Sales Department, Marketing Department, Public Relationships, Events Department,(Management, Marketing and Sales).

1st Year 2nd Year
Market Structure of the Tourism Industry 7 ECTS  Hotel Management Skills 16 ECTS
Housekeeping Department Management 8 ECTS Human Resources in the Hotel Industry 5 ECTS
Reception and Booking Department 10 ECTS German Language 7 ECTS
English and/or Spanish Language 7 ECTS Events Management 5 ECTS
Marketing for Tourism and Hospitality 10 ECTS Business Initiative 4 ECTS
Protocol and Public Relations 8 ECTS Project Work on Hotel Management 5 ECTS
Employment counselling 5 ECTS  Internship in Hotels 22 ECTS
* The program taught in Spanish language includes English lessons and a 1-hour per day Spanish course (compulsory for non-native
Spanish speakers). The program taught in English includes only Spanish lessons.

Language level required

A. Course Held in Spanish language. Minimum Spanish level required: B2. Minimum English level: A2.
B. Course Held in English Language. Minimum English level required: B2. No Spanish level required.


“Higher Technician in Hospitality Management”. Official Degree issued by the Department of Education of the Basque Government and validated by the Spanish Ministry of Education. (Similar degrees in other countries: Associate Degree in the US or Foundation Degree in the UK).

Access Requirements

Secondary or High School Certificate (Bachillerato, COU, FPII, Baccalaureat, Abitur…)

Access to University

Students graduating in this course have direct access to Spanish University without having to take any entrance exam. They are also eligible for credit transfer in related degrees, such as Tourism, Business Administration, Languages or Economy (maximum 60 ECTS).


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